When Opposites Attract

I have had two long term relationships, both guys have been my ‘opposite’. One relationship was successful but not the other… why?

My ex was the complete opposite of me, but notice the word “ex”. For the reasons in my previous post, he was just not the right guy. I probably dragged this relationship on longer than I should have done too, under the notion that “opposites attract”.

I can’t deny that I have lingered around this phrase far too much. After all, movies taught me this is a key factor in finding “the one”… Baby and Johnny, Harry and Sally, Rose and Jack… this magnetic force is what keeps things exciting, right? 

In early 2011 I started dating a guy I had know at University. We were never close, but there was always some chemistry there (it may have helped that he was the barman at the student’s union, but that’s another story).

Well, one thing led to another and this October will be our first wedding anniversary.

After almost 7 years together our relationship is still magnetic. I feel drawn towards him, his opinions and his thoughts on the world. And, with a force Luke Skywalker would be proud of, when time are tough we are united, one whole. He is also my opposite. 

But why did one relationship work and not the other?

I think it is the way we are different the matters. We have the same life goals, the same outlook, the same sense of humour and the same taste in food. Whilst, at the same time, he is extroverted and I am introverted, he is strong in areas I am weak. It is this that makes our relationship work. We learn from each other daily and push each other to be a better version of ourselves. In my first relationship this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

And I think this is the key. Magnetic attraction alone is not enough, it’s what you do with it that matters most, be it to strengthen defence against challenging times, or to use as a compass, guiding each other on life’s journeys. 

This is a post in response to the daily prompt Magnetic


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